EU Database of radioactivity monitoring results (REMdb)

The European Commission provides access to a number of services and data sources: REMdb, Monitoring Reports and REMdb online query. Article 36 of the Euratom Treaty states “The appropriate authorities shall periodically communicate information on the checks referred to in Article 35 to the Commission so that it is kept informed of the level of radioactivity to which the public is exposed”.


The Radioactivity Environmental Monitoring database (REMdb) was set-up in 1988 to bring together and store in a harmonised way environmental radioactivity data produced in the aftermath of the Chernobyl accident. The main two objectives of this database are:

  • to keep historical records of the Chernobyl accident, for further scientific studies
  • to store the radioactivity monitoring data of the EU Member States for environmental radioactivity monitoring reports. These reports provide information to the EU Member States on the radioactivity levels in the environment in the European Union, as stated in Art. 35 and 36 of the Euratom Treaty.

The database contains information from the EU Member States, as well as other European countries, for both environmental samples and foodstuffs from 1984. To date, the total number of data records stored in the REMdb exceeds 5 million, providing the scientific community, authorities and public with a valuable archive of environmental radioactivity monitoring results in Europe.

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Monitoring Reports

The European Commission has published compilations of the information received and stored in the REMdb as a series of reports beginning in the early 1960s. These reports use standardised reporting levels to improve the clarity of information on levels of radioactivity in the European environment. Currently the published Monitoring Reports cover the years from 1984 to 2011.

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REMdb online query

Although the Monitoring Reports describe the collected information as complete as possible, this communication medium does not allow to show the amount of data in all its details. A new interface, called REMdb Query, provides an interactive access to the collected and verified environmental monitoring data in the European Union.

The new interface can be accessed from the "Maps" section, Routine Monitoring icon of this site or directly from: