The mesoscale model inter-comparison will relate to the ESCOMPTE pre-campaign organized and conducted by French institutions in summer 2000. The scope of the inter-comparison is the assessment of the modeling capacity to reproduce the circulation and the dispersion of a passive tracer at the mesoscale in the Marseilles region by international organizations and universities currently involved in the development and application of mesoscale circulation models. The background of this exercise are the model intercomparison activities conducted by JRC/EI in the past among which MESOCOM conducted in the framework of EUROTRAC/SATURN and the decision of the ESCOMPTE organisers to make the pre-campaign data available to the SATURN community. This exercise should be intended as a preparatory work for a more comprehensive inter-comparison activity. Provided the success of the present one, a follow up might be performed in a later stage and will embrace flow and air quality simulation and will be based on the main campaign results.

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