Atmospheric Transport Model Evaluation Study (ATMES2)


    The project aimed at evaluating the operational modeling capacity exiting at various environmental protection agencies and meteorological office for long range atmospheric transport and dispersion. Simulation of the Chernobyl release were compared with the measurements collected in the REM databank.


JRC-Ispra; Canada: Environment Canada; Finland: Technical Research Center; France: Meteo-France; Germany: University of Koln; Israel: Inst. of Biological Res.; Italy: ENEA-DISP, ENEA-PAS; Japan: Japan meteorological Agency, Atomic Energy Res. Inst.; Slovak Republik: Slovack Hydrom. Inst.; The Netherlands: KNMI and RIVMUK: Met Office; USA: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Savannah River Nat. Lab. USSR: MSC-E, Inst. of Applied Geophysics; Yugoslavia: Federal Hydrometeorological Ins.

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