EURDEP Services

We provide a number of services which can be used by the website visitors. Most of these services are freely accessible, and do not require more than just to click to a correspondent link.

Some services require prior authorization in order to use them. How to register is explained on this page.

We ask for a simple registration, just because we made the system to offer more functionality associated with user profile.

Radiological Maps

Radiological Maps


The Simple map shows measurements of environmental radioactivity in the form of gamma dose rate averages and maxima for the last 24 hours. These measurements originate from some 5000+ stations.

The map utilizes a responsive web technology that allows it to be displayed on variety of phone and tablet browsers.

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The Advanced map shows measurements of environmental radioactivity in the form of hourly gamma dose rate averages going back up to 35 days. The measurements originate from approximately 5000 stations.

The map displays essential information to explain various environmental radioactivity phenomena, and offers more options for data filtering and analysis. Due to the large amount of displayed data, this map is not suitable for phone browsers.

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Web Widget

A widget is a stand-alone application that can be embedded into third party sites by any user on a page where they have rights of authorship, e.g. a webpage, blog etc.

For instance, the widget could be hosted in a page of a website belonging to a national data provider or a national authority, see this example.

Although the widget looks like it is running on the hosting website, it actually loads all the markup, code and data from our services. The maintenance of the widget remained on our side while you simply display the data.


Some countries impose a delay (between 0-999 hours) before the data becomes visible to the public.